15-501957 Wolseley 15/50

Immaculate condition. Recent respray, engine overhaul, interior re-trim, new brakes, 5 new tyres and much more.

Details and pics at www.denis-kaye.co.uk/15-50.htm

Mercedes 320SL

Mercedes 320SL 2

Mercedes 320SL 1

Mercedes 320SL 3

This treasured car has been in my possession since 1998; the car was manufactured in 1995; reputed to be one of the last straight six, 'hand-built' SLs. Itís a 320, which means that its quite economical.

My reason for looking to sell it is that I simply donít get the time to use it. Grand children duties are the main distraction. So, I am looking for a new owner who will provide a good home. It just seems a shame to leave it in the garage without using it.

Throughout its life it's been kept in a garage and serviced regularly. When the Mercedes Service Director in Gloucester resigned and set up shop across the road, I transferred  the servicing to him, which explains why the service history doesnít show manufacturer's service history for all of its time.

The mileage is 170,000 miles, which might seem high, but most of it was done on long distance trips on the motorway.

The stainless steel rear exhaust was replaced with Mercedes parts about 10 years ago; the front was still perfect.

Rust started to affect the front wheel arches and so about 8 years ago they were replaced and the whole vehicle was given a professional respray.

It has a removable hard top as well as soft top and wind deflector.

The MOT is in place until May 2019.

All the invoices for all work completed is available going back to when I bought it.

Looking at the internet sales for a price guidance suggests that around £5,000 would be a reasonable price. My biggest aspiration is that it goes to a 'good' home.

Mike Berry, Bishops Waltham      01489 895271


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