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These pictures were from the Non Drive it Day in 2020

John Hunt in his drive                  Pete Yeoman at the Village Hall, buying a paper

John Hunt  Pete Yeoman

Tim Kirby in his drive                    Driven from the garage to the drive, 

                                    my 2 topless ladies, Kevin Pearce

Tim Kirby in his drive Kevin Pearce

Dave Beck                             Geoffrey Trapnell

Dave Beck Geoffrey Trapnell

Martin Cawte                                 Rob Heard

Martin Cawte Rob Heard

Chris Curtis                               Pauline Bromly

Chris Curtis   Pauline Bromly

Penelope Barnett                         Gill Wrixon

Penelope Barnett  Gill Wrixon

As I could not go on a drive it day outing today 

i decided to rename it "clean-it-day"and have 

polished the old girl to death!!!!

 (The car not the wife )                          Roger Burt

Simon Lewry Roger Burt

Peter Tipping                             Gordon Cooper with his Drophead Bullnose

Peter TippingGordon Cooper

John Hunt at Christmas 2917, 

John Hunt 2

IMG 0681 IMG 0680

IMG 0684 IMG 0682

IMG 0689 IMG 0688

IMG 0690 IMG 0685

Leigh Food fair 1 leigh food fair 2

leigh food fair 3

Leigh Food Fair, Dorset see the 16th July 2016

Hunters 2015  Stokes Garage

Egham royal show  Chawton






IMG 0420  IMG 0411

IMG 0410  IMG 0414

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