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Events Update 2017


          From information we obtain by contacting event organisers we insert FREE OF CHARGE in two/ three line format, the event details ( this can be both Shows and regular meets) in the relevant month section.  If you would like an enhanced advert with a different colour text  to make it stand out, there will be a small £10 admin fee


 AREA COVERED: The entire area of the UK to the south of  and not including, Montgomeryshire,Shropshire,Staffordshire,Leicestershire and Licolnshire,  see map below 

        Please note: we are unable to accept entries for events  NORTH of this line including Scotland and North Wales as such events are outside the coverage area of Yeoman's Yearbook so please contact which is produced by the Rotary Club of York Vikings      

   You can submit your event details for 2017 in Yeoman's Yearbook by sending the information below, we suggest you cut and paste the below then e-mail them directly to  .  

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The above is what we would intend to publish,  please also add


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 As example on the right   £25 single entry or   £115 for the year ( 12 insertions)



           To book your space:
           Contact Yeomans Yearbook editor Peter L Yeoman:
           phone 01329 832595/ 07710307880
           We do not undertake full design of adverts, but can give you the name of an advertising design agency, if required

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